Forestry Mulching
CK Land & Brush Clearing

An environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional land clearing and underbrush removal. We provide all types of land clearing services to accommodate individual or commercial land clearing and brush grinding needs.

Unlike other clearing methods, forestry mulching leaves no brush piles and there is no burning and scarred land. Damage to “keeper” trees is greatly reduced because forestry mulching protects the vital topsoil layer and delicate “feeder” roots. The landowner is left with a fresh carpet of mulch which naturally decomposes into rich topsoil.

COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL LAND CLEARINGServing Northern Wisconsin & Upper Michigan

Construction Site Clearing

Storm Debris Cleanup

Woodlot Beautification

Trail Systems

Fence & Survey Lines


Pasture Reclamation

Fire Break Protection

Hunting Lanes & Food Plots

We have a wealth of experience with both residential and commercial projects. We will review your project, outline a strategy focused on your goals, and execute the job to your satisfaction.

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WE KNOW OUR STUFFWhen it comes to Land Clearing we are the company to call. We use the latest equipment and technology.

Need to create or maintain miles of public utility, pipeline, or service road right-of-ways? Not a problem! Our equipment will do the job quickly, safely and at the lowest possible cost.
The process of forestry mulching is more efficient and environmentally friendly than conventional land clearing. Mulch is recognized by the EPA as a form of erosion control.
Our ASV RC-100 combined with the Fecon Bull Hog® excels at processing yard-waste, land preparation, and slash reduction. It’s heavy duty and has an endless number of applications.