Warranty Notice

Extreme, long periods of hot weather: sun, excessive Rain, etc. All of them affect the performance of the treatment. A treatment performed and followed by periods of Past average climate, will provide adequate control Through the summer season. Unusual climate is Beyond our control.

Therefore, the warranty for an Exterior treatment of a structure is 90 days. If at any Time during this 90-day period new spider webs are Sighted on the structure, a technician will inspect and treat affected areas as needed. If optimal Control is desired, we suggest spring and fall service. Fall service also includes the control of cluster flies and Asian beetles. If spring and fall service is desired, we require a contract to that effect, and will provide A 10% discount on total service (fall service must be of Equal or greater value).

We do not warranty Vegetation, shrubs, ect., or yards, as this is a separate Licensing covered under lawn and garden services. This would include spiders sighted in ground areas. Keep in mind “daddy long-legs” are not spiders or web Builders, and not practical to treat other than on a Monthly basis if requested. We also do not warranty Lawn ornaments, landscaping, or exposed and Separate decks, walks, etc.

If interior areas are a Concern, please ask for an estimate on interior Service, as an exterior treatment does not eliminate what is already inside.